Books on Grief

The Journey Through Grief and Loss: Helping Yourself And Your Child When Grief Is Shared

Zucker, Robert

St. Martin’s Griffin, 2009

When adults face a significant loss, they must grapple with their own profound grief, and they are often called upon to nurture and support their grieving children. This is the first book to address this very common dual grieving challenge. As a practicing psychotherapist for twenty-nine years, Robert Zucker can offer parents and other concerned readers important insights into managing their own grief while supporting their grieving children.

Mourning & Mitzvah: A Guided Journal for Walking the Mourner’s Path Through Grieg to Healing

Brener, Anne

Jewish Lights Publishing, 1993

For those who mourn a death, for those who would help them, and for those who face a loss of any kind, this expanded edition of Mourning & Mitzvah teaches you the power of strength available to you in the fully experienced mourning process.

God Gave Us Heaven

Bergen, Lisa Tawn and Bryant, Laura J.

This gentle story provides satisfying answers for a young child’s most difficult questions about what happens after this life, inviting “little cubs” to find comfort in knowing that God Gave Us Heaven.

The Grief Bubble: helping kids explore and understand grief

Debay, Kerry

The Grief Bubble is a special workbook for children ages 6 and older who have experienced the death of someone special. The interactive format invites them to find expression for their thoughts and feelings, encouraging the exploration of their grief. A useful tool for parents, counselors, educators and other caring adults supporting children in grief.

After a Death: An Activity Book for Children

The Dougy Center

This easy to use workbook is designed for children who have experienced any type of death. With a mixture of creative activities and tips for dealing with changes at school, home and with friends, this is a great tool for all grieving children. We’ve included a variety of drawing and writing exercises to help children remember the person who died and learn new ways to live with the loss.

Lifetimes: The Beautiful Way to Explain Death to Children

Mellonie, Bryan and Ingpen, Robert

When the death of a relative, a friend, or a pet happens or is about to happen,how can we help a child to understand?
Lifetimes is a moving book for children of all ages, even parents too. It lets us explain life and death in a sensitive, caring, beautiful way. Lifetimes tells us about beginnings. And about endings. And about living in between. With large, wonderful illustrations, it tells about plants. About animals. About people. It tells that dying is as much a part of living as being born. It helps us to remember. It helps us to understand.